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Each of the following articles essentially does one or more of four things.

It provides a brief explanation of violent or otherwise dysfunctional human behaviour in a particular context – such as why someone is a perpetrator of violence, racist or Islamophobic, or why the global elite is insane – and explains appropriate healing and other nonviolent responses.

It explains why someone has become emotionally damaged – such as what caused a soldier to suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – or why someone acquired what is sometimes labeled (not very usefully) a mental health disorder – such as depression or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – and what can be done to restore full emotional health.

It explains why a widely accepted political, economic or social institution – such as school and the legal system – is violent and causes enormous emotional and other damage, and what we can do instead.

Or it explains why a particular profession – such as psychiatry, the medical industry and policing – is extraordinarily violent and what can be done to eliminate them in favour of superior (and nonviolent) alternatives.

‘The War on Emotions is Driving Us Insane’
March 2014.

‘La psicología del fascismo’
TRANSCEND Media Service: Solutions-Oriented Peace Journalism, trans. into Spanish by María Cristina Sánchez, Germany/Switzerland, 5 November 2018.

‘The Psychology of Fascism’
Eurasia Review: News & Analysis, Spain, 25 October 2018.

‘Humanity’s “Dirty Little Secret”: Starving, Enslaving, Raping, Torturing and Killing our Children’
Nation of Change, USA, 26 June 2018.

‘Challenges for Resolving Complex Conflicts’
TRANSCEND Media Service: Solutions-Oriented Peace Journalism, Germany/Switzerland, 9 April 2018.

‘The Global Elite is Insane Revisited’
Awake Africa: shaping for a new Africa, Ghana, 27 March 2018.

‘On Track for Extinction: Can Humanity Survive?’
Information Clearing House, USA, 13 March 2018.

‘The Fear Driving US Nuclear Strategy’
Dissident Voice: a radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice, USA, 7 February 2018.

‘Why Fear and Self-hatred Destroy Human Sharing and Solidarity’
Global Research: Centre for Research on Globalization, Canada, 24 January 2018.

‘Violence Against Women: Why the UN Secretary-General Got it Wrong’
Frontier: An independent weekly since 1968, India, 12 December 2017.

‘Why are Police in the USA so Terrified?’
The Liberty Beacon, USA, 17 November 2017.

‘A Nonviolent Strategy to End Violence and Avert Human Extinction’
Global Research: Centre for Research on Globalization, Canada, 28 October 2017.

‘The Psychology of Mass Killers: What causes it? How can you prevent it?’
International Association of Educators for World Peace, Malaysia, 12 October 2017.

‘Profit Maximization is Easy: Invest in Violence’
Eurasia Review: A Journal of News and Analysis, Spain, 11 September 2017.

‘Why are all those Racists so Terrified?’
Information Clearing House, USA, 22 August 2017.

‘You Cannot Trap the “Magic Rat”: Trump, Congress and Geopolitics’
Nation of Change, USA, 9 August 2017.

‘An Open Letter to People with “Mental Health” Issues’
Ghana web Online, Ghana, 31 May 2017.

‘Truth or Delusion?’
IPS: Inter Press Service News Agency, Italy, 23 May 2017.

‘Why Do Some Men Rape?’
The Daily Journalist, USA, 16 March 2017.

‘Seeking the True Path’
Sri Lanka Guardian, Sri Lanka, 23 November 2016.

‘Punishment is Violent and Counterproductive’
Ye Olde Journalist: The People’s Voice, USA, 29 October 2016.

‘The Psychology of Ideology and Religion’
Global Research: Centre for Research on Globalization, Canada, 29 July 2016.

‘The Delusion “I Am Not Responsible”‘
The Nigerian Voice, Nigeria, 15 July 2016.

‘A Critique of Human Society since the Neolithic Revolution’
RINF Alternative News, UK, 19 June 2016.

‘Islamophobia: Why are So Many People So Frightened?’
IPS: Inter Press Service News Agency, Italy, 1 June 2016.

‘Why Set Up a Shell Company in Panama? The Psychology Driving Illicit Financial Flows’
TruePublica: Unmasking Misinformation, Disinformation and Propaganda, UK, 11 May 2016.

‘Understanding Self-Hatred in World Affairs’
Popular Resistance: Daily Movement News and Resources, USA, 19 March 2016.

‘The Psychology of Projection in Conflict’
RINF Alternative News, UK, 1 September 2015.

‘Most Attitudes and Beliefs are Outcomes of Fear’
Human Wrongs Watch, Spain, 8 July 2015.

‘Comforting a Baby is Violent’
Pressenza International Press Agency, UK, 24 June 2015.

‘Violence Against Women: Why We Keep Getting it Wrong’
The Sleuth Journal: Real News Without Synthetics, USA, 14 March 2015.

‘Why Do We Fear Challenging Authority?’
Shadowproof, USA, 28 February 2015.

‘Why Do We Fear Love?’
Pressenza International Press Agency, USA, 30 January 2015.

‘The Importance of Being Angry’
Blacklisted News, USA, 13 January 2015.

‘The Psychology of Victimhood: Obama, Cameron, Netanyahu, Clinton, Kissinger’
Information Clearing House, USA, 12 November 2014.

‘Violence Against Children: UN Gets it Wrong’
The Peoples Voice: News & Viewpoints, USA, 29 October 2014.

‘Defeating the Violence of Psychiatry’
War Is A Crime, USA, 12 September 2014.

‘Nisteling: The Art of Deep Listening’
Scoop Independent News, New Zealand, 28 August 2014.

‘How Can We Destroy Love?’
Countercurrents, India, 7 August 2014.

‘Why Are Most Human Beings So Powerless?’
Scoop Independent News, New Zealand, 9 July 2014.

‘The Great Human Delusion: All Parents Love their Children’
Countercurrents, India, 25 June 2014.

‘The Journey to Self-Awareness’
Pravda, Russia, 11 June 2014.

‘Human Intelligence or Human Awareness?’
Scoop Independent News, New Zealand, 21 May 2014.

‘Human Emotions: Genetically Programmed or Socially Learned?’
Eurasia Review: News and Analysis, Spain, 13 May 2014.

‘Forgiveness is Dysfunctional’
Salem-News, USA, 19 April 2014.

‘What Do Children Need?’
Information Clearing House, USA, 19 March 2014.

‘The Global Elite is Insane’
Pravda, Russia, 6 February 2014.

‘An Open Letter to Soldiers with “Mental Health” Issues’
TRANSCEND Media Service, Germany/Switzerland, 27 January 2014.

‘Fundamentalism: A Psychological Problem’
Countercurrents, India, 8 January 2014.

‘My Promise to Children’
Pravda, Russia, 7 November 2013.

‘Psychoanalysing Psychiatrists and Psychologists who Torture’
War Is A Crime, USA, 5 September 2013.

‘The Rule of Law: Unjust and Violent’
Information Clearing House, USA, 15 August 2013.

‘Do We Want School or Education?’
Salem-News, USA, 31 July 2013.

‘The Destruction of Barack Obama’
Pravda, Russia, 16 July 2013.

‘People Who Pretend to be Your Friend: Collaborators and Traitors’
Countercurrents, India, 4 July 2013.

‘Why Do People Lie? And Why Do Other People Believe Them?’
Jamiatul Ulama, South Africa, 21 June 2013.

‘The Psychology of Denial’
Countercurrents, India, 6 June 2013.

‘Love Denied: The Psychology of Materialism, Violence and War’
Scoop Independent News, New Zealand, 24 May 2013.

‘Understanding Obama and Other People Who Kill’
Pravda, Russia, 13 May 2013.