Key Articles

Apart from those articles listed in the main menu, the following additional key articles provide insight into various aspects of human emotional dysfunction, its behavioural outcomes and what we can do about it, from the family to the geopolitical level. The final article below offers a critique of psychiatry and much of psychology. There are more articles on the All Articles page.

‘Human Emotions: Genetically Programmed or Socially Learned?’

‘Comforting a Baby is Violent’

‘Why do People Lie? And Why do other People Believe them?’

‘The Psychology of Denial’

‘The Delusion “I Am Not Responsible”‘

‘The Psychology of Projection in Conflict’

‘Forgiveness is Dysfunctional’

‘Love Denied: The Psychology of Materialism, Violence and War’

‘Why Do Some Men Rape?’

‘Understanding Self-Hatred in World Affairs’

‘Human Intelligence or Human Awareness?’

‘You Cannot Trap the “Magic Rat”: Trump, Congress and Geopolitics’

‘The Global Elite is Insane’

‘The Global Elite is Insane Revisited’

‘Challenges for Resolving Complex Conflicts’

‘The Disintegrated Mind: The Greatest Threat to Human Survival on Earth’

‘The Limited Mind: Why Fear is Driving Humanity to Extinction’

‘Defeating the Violence of Psychiatry’